Anish Creates World’s First Sunglasses From Recycled Chips Packets

After realising the amount of plastic waste generated in India, Anish Malpani decided to make the world’s first sunglasses from recycled packets of chips.

This multi-layered plastic waste is considered impossible to recycle with close to 0% being recycled globally. 80% of all ocean leakage is flexible plastic packaging. It’s honestly the worst.

At Ashaya | WITHOUT™, they have founded a way to extract materials from it using our patent-pending process to produce high-quality materials and products, starting with sunglasses (and coasters). We do all this while genuinely empowering waste-pickers. And a lot more.

These sunglasses might be the most sustainable sunglasses you’ll ever own, both environmentally and socially. And not just that, they are highly functional – UV polarized, durable, bendy and comfortable.

Ashaya | WITHOUT™ is one of our SISFS portfolio startups supported by Startup India, and we can’t be more proud of them.

Watch this video to see how they do it.

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